Centennial Park Veterinary Practice

The practice offers services at all Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan racetracks.

Emergency Service

CPVP offers an ambulatory service to existing clients to attend horses that require urgent attention. This service is available in the Metropolitan Area of Sydney and Melbourne only.


Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic Surgery is performed by specialist surgeons through CPVP.

Video Endoscopy of Upper Airway

This procedure is generally performed at sales and is offered at major sales. This procedure is offered through Equine Endoscopy Services P/L, a company associated with the principal of CPVP.

Pre-Purchase Examination

Pre-purchase examinations of horses in training are offered at various levels according to the requirements of the client. Pre-purchase examinations are offered in various formats including Malaysian Racing Association, Macau Jockey Club and Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Pre-purchase examinations are also offered on pleasure horses of the various equestrian disciplines.

Routine Racing Stable Diagnostics and Treatment

Routine stable visits can be arranged to service the day-to-day requirements of horses in training.

Racing Stable Management

This service is offered by arrangement with the practice and is available anywhere in Australia as well as internationally.

Soundness Examinations

Soundness examinations are offered by arrangement and vary from a basic examination where a clinical appraisal of the horse is performed, to a more detailed examination that could include endoscopy of the upper airway, radiographic survey, electrocardiograph, ultrasound survey, examination at work etc. The cost of these examinations varies according to the level of the examination required and the distance from CPVP.

Lameness Examination

Lameness examinations are a large component of Equine Practice and are performed on a daily basis. If you require a lameness work up on a horse, it is advisable to book an appointment with CPVP.

Yearling Sale Examination and Selection

Arrangements can be made for Tim Roberts to assist you in your yearling selection and purchases. We also offer sales assistance, such as interpreting repository radiographs and clinical evaluation of yearlings.

Centennial Park Veterinary Practice is a dedicated equine practice ideally situated with the Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre, Moore Park in Sydney NSW and Flemington Racecourse, Flemington in Melbourne Victoria.

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