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Our Team

Centennial Park Veterinary Practice (CPVP) has a long history servicing the horse racing industry since 1993. Founded by Dr Tim Roberts, CPVP has ambulatory vets in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Our veterinarians also travel to New Zealand, England and France for yearling sale examination and selections for clients. 


Dr Tim Roberts (Principal Veterinarian)



24-hour Emergency

Our veterinarians are available 24-hour in the case of emergencies.
To be directed to the after hours veterinarian on-call in your location call (horses only):

Sydney +61 (0)488 535 008
Gold Coast +61 (0)431 321 462

Or click on the appropriate button below.

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  • Racing Stable Management

  • Routine Racing Stable Diagnostics and Treatment

  • Lameness Examination & Soundness Examinations

  • Dynamic Video Endoscopy

  • Endoscopy of Upper Airway

  • Shockwave Therapy

  • Pre-Purchase Examination

  • Yearling Sale Examination and Selection

  • Surgery

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Equine Sports Medicine Newsletters


Each month we write a newsletter to inform our client of different topics relevant to equine sports medicine. We break down the jargon to help you stay more informed especially if you are new to owing a racehorse.

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